Mastering Paragliding voor beter vliegen!



mastering paraglidingMastering Paragliding is a new approach to learning to fly cross country by paragliding guide Kelly Farina.

Kelly approaches pilot progression in a systematic, logical way. From understanding the basics of glider handling to thermalling techniques and high-level cross-country advice, he breaks the sport down into manageable stages with achievable goals.

It includes:

  • Mastering the basics: learning to fly smoothly, consistently and confidently
  • Thermalling well: the 4/90 rule, thermal etiquette and gaggle flying
  • How to plan a cross-country route and fly it successfully
  • Valley winds explained, including where and where not to fly
  • An in-depth exploration of how to fly the mountains
  • High level flying: how to fly efficiently and fast
  • Meteorology for pilots, including cloud assessment and the Föhn
  • Thermal formation, restitution and inversions
  • Real-life practical flying case studies in the Alps and Dolomites
  • How to structure your learning and progress quickly using the Pyramid of Progression

Praise for Mastering Paragliding

“The concepts here can help pilots of all levels achieve more success when flying XC. It is great to see these principles written down so clearly”
Thomas Walder, world record triangle holder and Austrian Paragliding Champion

“Finally these concepts have been written down in a clear, concise manner. The chapter on thermalling is a great starting point for any pilot who wants to own a stronger climbing technique”
Russell Ogden, British Champion and Ozone development pilot

“Flying fast is the highest level of flying and relies on having the basics dialled, from thermalling to route planning. The principles in this book will help pilots understand how to get better and fly faster”
Stephan Stiegler, former Paragliding World Champion, designer at AirDesign

‘I wish I’d had this book when I’d started flying XC, especially when I first flew in the Alps’
Josh Cohn, USHPA Magazine review. Read the full review (pdf)

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